Oak Park, Sacramento, California

Racial Designation: Black

Gentrification Status: High

Responsible Party: Wealthy white investors and business owners// housing developers

Tools of Gentrification: University/City/Developer Expansion and Development, Sound/Space Gentrification 

Community Response: Yes

Anti-gentrification Advocates: Tanya Faison- Black Lives matter Sacramento// Michael Blair, a member of the Oak Park Land Use Committee// Joany Titherington is the president of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association

Anti-gentrification Strategies: Protests

Source: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/erika-d-smith/article219312260.html; https://www.abc10.com/article/news/local/sacramento/gentrification-500000-homes-go-up-in-oak-park-leaving-some-feeling-pushed-out/103-610531620

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