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Multiple reports are emerging to document the harmful mental and physical health consequences of displacement. From New York Univerity to Center for Disease Control (CDC), there is clear documentation of the myriad health effects, including:

  1. Higher hospitalizations and mental health hospital visits
  2. Increased visits to emergency rooms for drug or alcohol-related issues.
  3. Greater stress levels
  4. More problems with birth defects or infant mortality
  5. Shorter life expectancy
  6. Increased exposure to hazardous substances such as lead paint.

Few organizations combine mental health services with gentrification activism. However, Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) is one of those few institutions operating to provide assistance for gentrification victims through community health programs. EMPath prides itself in providing trauma informed care that seeks to create long-term goals and guidance in “health, family, life, career, finances, and education.”