The gentrification project map seeks to capture the social processes of and responses to gentrification. While many maps track the geo-spatial dimensions of gentrification, the outcome results in a comprehensive analysis of numbers and space that shrouds real people impacted by displacement. Moreover, these maps obfuscate how perpetrators’ calculated exploits create and sustain home dispossession. Simultaneously, this tracking provides no solutions or specific references for aid against displacement.

The gentrification project map operates to lift the veil. First, it names the entities, persons, and companies who play or played a role in displacement. The inclusion of this information is an act of protest designed to give anti-gentrification advocates a target for pressure and shaming campaigns. Second, it provides the names of community organizations, activists, and/or political contacts who might serve to assist local residents harassed by police, cities, investors, and other agents of displacement.


This gentrification map is more than a study of place and shifting population.

It is a map of people and protest.