The Gentrification Project outlines methods and procedures utilized by cities, investors, banks, insurance companies, and other entities engaged in displacement.  This includes locating documents and reports which indicate early efforts to seize property through city ordinances, banking regulations, etc.  This also includes information on financial and estate literacy and planning.

The Gentrification Project identified FIVE areas of gentrification processes. These are outlined below.

Sub-Prime Ripple Effect and Forced Suburbanization

  1. Purchase of foreclosed homes
  2. Rising property taxes act to drive out from city

Landmark Targeting 

  1. Churches
  2. key historical buildings
  3. public spaces/gardening
  4. school removal

The Sound/Space of Gentrification

  1. Rebranding
  2. Noise complaint
  3. Infrastructure changes
  4. Artisinal/boutique businesses
  5. Active destabilization of the space

University/City/Developer expansion & Development

  1. Policing
  2. Citations/housing codes
  3. Rezoning
  4. redlining

Criminal Activity

  1. Arson
  2. Deed fraud