Dallas, Texas

Racial Designation: Black

Gentrification Status: Low-Mid

Responsible Party: Undetermined 

Tools of Gentrification: Subprime Ripple Effect and Forced Suburbanization 

Community Response: Yes

Anti-gentrification Advocates: Sen. Royce West/Dr. Michael Bowie, Pastor of St. Luke “Community” UMC, Dr.Jerry Christian, Pastor of Kirkwood CME Church, Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dr. Frederick D. HaynesIII, Pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church, Rev. Leious Johnson, Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church, Dr. Ronald Jones, Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, and Dr. Stephen Nash, Pastor of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.

Anti-gentrification Strategies: Churches 

Source: https://northdallasgazette.com/2017/11/15/sen-royce-west-brings-together-dallas-black-pastors-discuss-economic-development/

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