Image may contain: sky and outdoorThe Gentrification Project  seeks to revitalize a national anti-gentrification movement that is continuous, consistent, and coalition inspired. The current media trend defangs gentrification by ignoring the processes by which it emerges, but the drive to disinherit communities is deliberate and concerted. The Gentrification Project was created to construct a comprehensive resource for pushback and redefine gentrification as a systematic project of racial dispossession.

The GP database is a gateway for activists, city residents, investigators, and non-profits united in a cohesive, integrated, and an intentionally designed program for anti-gentrification action. The Project idea emerged from a recognition that mass mobilization against racial dispossession required a coordinated network for localized approaches and individualized strategies. To that end, the Gentrification Project has produced an operational online site that will document, track, and respond to gentrification in four ways.

  1. Preserve the history of black communities and urban spaces in danger of gentrification.

  2. Give isolated and/or newly founded groups a training manual for how to research, unearth, and delineate the varied and multiple forces which operate to dispossess poor people of housing.

  3. Illustrate various community responses/practices against gentrification.

  4. Provide a bibliography of texts, books, reports, and references on the subject matter.

The site’s subheadings condense the project’s analysis of hundreds of articles into overarching patterns that explain gentrification methods and the multiple challenges to removal. The map and facebook feed are regularly updated to serve as sources for immediate solutions to gentrification and a resource for persons and groups engaged in anti-gentrification protest.